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According to the new policy of the UK government (Reference Link Here), a huge number of Hong Kong citizens are moving to the United Kingdom for their new life, here’s the chance you could help those people by holding an online chat with them as a charged service, which could help those people to improve their English listening and speaking skill, and you could get your income at the same time. is a website which aim to help those people who are moving to the UK, you can now register and advertise as a language helper at

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UKNewlife will actively advertise our own website to the people who are looking to move to the UK and need help in improving their English skill and gain more knowledge about the UK. We recommend you to create a short video about yourself and have a few pictures about you and what you can offer to the end user ( There are lots of video you can find on youtube to give you an idea what to do. Just type in English tutor on youtube) and use whatsapp to communicate as the time different with the end user and arrange for a Zoom video call lesson. If you need help in setting anything up, please email us at, we will be happy to help you set up. Our site is strictly informational and we expect everyone to be respectful with each other at all times. We would strongly recommend paypal payment in advance before your zoom video lesson.

As a freelancer you can set your own price structures and work at your own hours. You will be responsible for all content of the information provided and UKNewlife will not be hold any responsibility in any part of the service you provided. UKNewlife is only act as an advertisement platform to gain enquirers  for you.

Please use voucher code: welcome90 at registration, is worth £90.

Please note valid DBS Certificate must be available upon request.   

If you wish for us to managed your payment, there is a 10% service charge.

You can also join out team of language helper team, which then we will arrange all the booking time and set up and communicate with the end user before appointed time. Arrange payment and paid you before the session took place. Please contact us directly to find more information.

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